Probate Law

Dealing with end-of-life and/or life-changing issues can be difficult and complex without an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process.  Preparation is key, which is why Peter encourages all of his clients to address these matters well before they are needed.  Peter’s expertise includes:

  • Wills -Living Wills- Power of Attorney-drafting these documents to insure they meet the clients’ needs and honors their intentions
  • Trusts & Estate Planning – working with other financial professionals and the client, to ensure the client’s Estate Planning and any necessary related trust documents minimize the client’s tax exposure and protect assets.
  • Disability – drafting trusts and establishing conservatorships to protect the rights of disabled children and adults
  • Conservator & Decedent Estates – setting up estates (before death and after death) to ensure that the interests of the ward and/or the decedent of the estate are protected
  • Probate Administration – Drafting and filing all the necessary documents with the goal of making the probate process as efficient and painless as possible
  • Title VIV Planning – Understanding the need to possibility use and/or transferring assets in anticipation of entering a nursing home without jeopardizing governmental assistance
  • Will Contests – ensuring that a client’s rights are protected if and when disputes arise over the contents of a Will

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