Criminal Law

Regardless of the offense or its underlying cause, if you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, your first step must be to immediately protect yourself by engaging an attorney to represent your interests in any and all interactions with the police and the justice system.

Because Peter Has long-standing relationships with police departments, prosecutors, and judges across Fairfield County, he can often immediately defuse a tense situation with a simple phone call.  From there, Peter will aggressively fight for your rights, often resolving criminal cases without having to go to trial.  His expertise includes:

Assault – Building a strong defense to avoid conviction or to receive the minimum punishment.

Motor Vehicle Violations – reducing charges, whenever possible, to avoid a rise in insurance premiums, or worse,  license suspension.

Search and Seizure – protecting clients from unreasonable searches or seizures conducted it the course of an arrest or investigation.

Drug and Alcohol Offenses – ensuring that clients get support and treatment while also dealing successfully with the legal consequences of DUI’s and other drug and alcohol offenses.

Protective Orders – representing victims, as well as those falsely charged, to ensure a safe and speedy resolution.

Larceny – working and negotiating with prosecutors to avoid or reduce prison time and/or significant fines.

Probation Violations – protecting your rights in the event of a probation violation.

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